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Questions to ask BEFORE you make an appointment for Hormone Therapy

Updated: Jan 24

No matter what, trust yourself. Your experience will open the door for another woman.

  • First, Check your symptoms and be clear about the symptoms you hope to eliminate or diminish.

  • Second, understand that there are several different types of providers with different methods. Depending on the type of provider, some of these questions may not apply.

  • Do you help optimize hormones for women in Perimenopause?

  • Do you have specialized education or training about hormones?

  • What methods of hormone therapy do you recommend?

  • What type of results have you seen in your patients doing hormone therapy?

  • Do you prescribe testosterone?

  • What methods of testosterone do you recommend? pellets, creams, injections, patches, lozenges, troches.

  • What level of testosterone do you typically see women start to feel good? The ideal answer for Optimization would be "when your symptoms are gone." (The "normal" range for women according to the FDA is 15-70, according to a poll in our community women start feeling good above 70)

  • How do you test my current hormone levels? Blood draw, Dutch Test (saliva), Prick Test

  • What do you test for?

  • How often do you test my levels? recommend doing testing prior to any addition or change in care

  • Do you run labs through my insurance?

  • Can I take my prescription to a pharmacy of my choice?

  • If you recommend supplements, do I have to buy yours, or can you provide me a list and I can get my own?

  • What is your approach with progesterone? (Our community has experienced doctors that don't believe progesterone is needed for women without uterus's. We collectively disagree.)

  • What should I expect the first 30 days?

  • What symptoms would be concerning?

  • What if I start gaining weight?

  • What if my hair starts falling out?

  • What if I start growing new chin hairs?

  • What is the cost and payment structure? Typical range for pellet therapy is $350 every 3-4 months, some charge a monthly fee, some it's a full package fee.

  • Can I communicate with you without making an appointment?

Share and compare your experience with the WHU community.

Above all else, TRUST YOURSELF, trust the journey, and know that you are worth the effort.


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