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Everything you should know before Hemorrhoid Surgery

I thought having a frustrating derriere was just part of the cost of having children. I've lived with discomfort for years. Now my oldest is 19 and I've decided that if I have another 40-50 years to live, then I'm not doing it with annoying, uncomfortable, hemorrhoids.

I tried the banding method, but my hemorrhoids were too big to use the banding on the problematic ones. So, hemorrhoid surgery was going to be the solution. I wanted to be able to simply wipe clean after a bowel movement. And wear a thong. Plus, I believed my situation was causing frequent UTI's and constipation. As much as I'd love having a cute ass, right now, pooping regularly without discomfort is the goal.

Hope my experience helps speed up your recovery and decrease the pain after your hemorrhoid surgery. (I've added a shopping list of "must haves" at the bottom).

BEFORE Hemorrhoid Surgery:


48 Hours Prior- Take laxatives and start eating liquid diet. You want to be cleaned out prior to surgery. But mostly to avoid a bowel movement within the 1st 24 hours after surgery.

Night Before - Drink Smooth Move Tea

Morning of Hemorrhoid Surgery - Drink 2 cups warm water with 1 tsp SeaSalt. Tastes like chicken broth. Wait 1 hour, let your belly gurgle. Stay close to a bathroom. It will clear out your bowels.

1 Hour Prior to Hemorrhoid Surgery - Do an Enema. 1/4 tsp sea salt into 2-3 cups of warm water. Put into bulb, and follow instructions on enema.

AFTER Hemorrhoid Surgery:

You will feel numb, no pain. You have empty bowels so there is no pressure, we need to keep it that way. So your top priority for the next 5 days is to keep everything easily flowing through. The anesthesia can make you constipated. Add MiraLAX to all the water you drink. Make a large batch of vegetable soup or have bone broth available. Eat super clean and mild. Stay close to a bathroom. You are learning how to use a new pooper. Feelings will be different so gas might not be gas, and gas can be as painful as a bowel movement. Save yourself from any accidents and just go to the toilet for anything.

DAY 1- Numb. No Pain. Hungry. Take Ibuprofen & Tylenol & a gummie and sleep.

DAY 2- Still numb. Hungry. Scared to poop. Stay on Ibuprofen & Tylenol. No pain meds, just stayed on my favorite CBD gummies. EAT CLEAN & LIQUID!!!

(Don't eat mexican or fried foods)

DAY 3- Starting to feel the pain. Plus constipated from the DAMN Mexican food (STUPID) I might have to go to the hospital to get this poop out. I think I'm going to rip something. Or pass out and be stuck mid poop laying on the bathroom floor.

DRINK SEASALT WATER!!! 2 Cups warm water with 1 tsp sea salt. Lay on your side and let it draino its way down your pipes.

BATH in EPSOM SALT & BAKING SODA as often as you want.

Day 3 & 4 was the worst pain. Made worse by being stupid and eating solid foods on day 2...don't do that!

DAY 4- Lots of pain. Took a prescription pain pill. Slept all day. Laxatives, soup, water, fruit & veggies.

DAY 5- Significantly less pain. Took a bath. Ate small clean meals. Lots of water with FIBER and a sprinkle of sea salt. Sick of laying in bed, laid in my big cozy rocking chair and watched movies.

DAY 6- Still very little pain. Only pain is right after bowel movement. Was able to sit and work for 5 hours. Took a bath and gummie before bed.

DAY 7- Today! Needed a laxative and smooth move tea. I want to keep things moving along, but sick of eating soup and spinach. Continuing with the lidocaine cream.


I'm only 7 Days into my recovery after hemorrhoid surgery. It's too soon to say if this was worth it. But, I do believe that a majority of the pain is caused when there is too much pressure. This is making me much more aware of my nutrition and my supplements. I am very conscious of my fluid intake and 2x's a day bowel movement is my highest priority.

Even though the surgeon said I can do anything I want after hemorrhoid surgery...having a broken pooper is not something I'm willing to chance. I won't be doing anything strenuous for a few weeks.

You can stay tuned and find updates and more about women's health and all the things doctors don't tell us on social media @BeingMarcellaHill

If this was helpful, please share with all of your pain in the ass friends.

♥Marcella Hill

P.S. It matters that you feel good. Do what it takes to live in a body that can support your soul.


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