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5 Things that Upped my Libido

Updated: Mar 25

My low libido was affecting my marriage. It felt like nothing he did would turn me on. I would work late to avoid going to bed, so I wouldn't have to reject him or just do it anyway. Once we got into it, it was great. But I never felt like I needed it or wanted it. I could've gone the rest of my life without sex. I didn't know that the loss of sexual desire was a sign of hormonal changes. Low libido is a very common symptom of Perimenopause. And most doctors are telling women that it's all in their head. Low libido in women is not a medical concern. Yet, we all know how much this is impacting our lives.

Having no libido is more than just not wanting to have sex. After 4 months of being on testosterone all of a sudden I had a sex drive. I didn't care if the dishes were done. I wasn't calculating when our last date was. I just wanted and needed sexual fulfillment. I hadn't realized that this level of passion and desire had been dimmed for years. Suddenly I had an energy I couldn't explain. I had sass and pep. I wanted to laugh and play. I listened to more music and danced in the kitchen.

Women have been told far too long to save our bodies so we can give them to someone at the appropriate time, when they have earned it. What the world forgot to teach us was that our bodies are for US! The built in desire and passion is for us to feel ALIVE!

Orgasm is a built in super power to reduce stress, increase sleep, reduce physical pain, decrease anxiety, give us a repreave from being in a human body. Orgasm launches our spirit beyond our body and suspends us into our full power for just a moment. It reminds us who we truly are.

Without a libido, we are missing the desire to be in our fullness. We are missing the passion and drive to experience our expansive, explosive power.



TESTOSTERONE Providers like JOI Women's Wellness can help you find the right hormone replacements that are right for your body. After just 4 months on Testosterone my body turned back on! You can schedule a blood draw for only $89


I didn't know all the health benefits to Orgasm! This should be apart of our healthy routine. We should lift weights, take supplements, eat clean and ORGASM! I have fallen in love with Bellesa's toys. So many to choose from and in a classy environment. No back rooms that feel gross. Bellesa empowers us to explore and own our pleasure.

PERSPECTIVE After I was able to increase my libido, I realized how much shame I still held around sex and pleasure. I had never understood that sexual experiences could be nourishing to my soul. I always felt like I was giving something up or something was happening to me. I never felt like I was being my best self and gaining enlightenment and nourishment to my soul.

The Pleasure Positive Podcast changed that for me. There were episodes that my Mormon girl ears were not ready to hear yet. But I pushed through it and listened to things I had never heard before. I listened to a woman explain how she gives pleasure to her partner in a way that sounded like she was on stage being the best motivational speaker ever! If a sexual experience could be nourishment for my soul, I wanted to learn how to do that.


Women are used to living in bodies that are uncomfortable. Most of us don't pause long enough to check in with our body to see how it feels. We make ourselves available to everyone around us and pay no attention to how it is affecting us. So in intimate settings it feels awkward to pause the moment to ensure our own comfort. We haven't practiced listening to our body or using our voice to say what we need and want. It felt embarrassing, inconvenient, and I was afraid of making my partner feel like he was doing something wrong by asking to stop and adjust to make things more comfortable for myself.

I started listening to my body, asking myself what I needed, voicing it, and taking action towards those things in everyday scenarios. This naturally made it easier in the bedroom. When choosing what's for dinner, ask yourself what you'd like, and then make that. Your pleasure and your comfort expands the pleasure of everyone around you. Prioritizing your pleasure is what adds to the world.

My favorite intimate oils are from FORIA. The Awakening oil smells like Chai Tea! It's sensually cozy and indulgent with a touch of spice.

And Chai Tea is just as enjoyable alone as it is shared with a partner. YOU'RE PLEASURE MATTERS.

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This documentary on Netflix should be a mandatory watch for all women everywhere. Pour yourself a cup of tea or your favorite glass of wine and learn about YOU!


♥Marcella Hill


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