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10 Movies for Women in Perimenopause

I thought I had failed again. I thought I had lost myself. My teenage daughter had moved out to live with her Dad. I was devastated and blamed myself. I had lost a marriage, a job, failed at business ventures, and now after everything I failed at being a mother. I had found myself in this curled up ball of failure too many times, I was only 36. Was this how life was going to go? Curled up in a dark cloud everytime something went wrong? Was I always going to be finding myself and trying to fix everything? I was exhausted from finding myself. I just wanted to find a version of myself that never broke. This midlife transformation is crazy and unexpected. These movies have helped shape my perspective and drive to create massive change for women after 35. I think every woman should watch these movies and join the Wake Her Up movement!


It sparked my soul AWAKE! The Dolly Parton quote: FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE AND DO IT ON PURPOSE it was everything I didn't know I needed.

I now have a tattoo: BE ON PURPOSE


This movie is perfect for women going through the transformation of Perimenopause. We have apologized for our bodies far too long. This movie will bring you the sassy words and attitude you need to reclaim your bad ass body exactly where it is. It turned my "I'm sorry" into YOU'RE WELCOME!


This movie will bring an understanding of why we still have a long way to go for women to have access to the care we need during perimenopause. It will also spark your soul awake to know what it takes to create historical change. It takes one voice, one woman, one person that will choose to speak up and make things right.


Oh the seen when Emma Thomson is standing in front of a full-length mirror totally unclothed. She's not sucking in or adjusting. It's raw, it's real, it's something EVERYONE should see. And it should be more commonplace to see real bodies. This movie will give you a confidence in your body that you've never had. And an ownership of pleasure we've never been allowed.

THE POWER - Amazon Prime Series

What would the world be like if women were as "dangerous" to men as men are to women right now? What would it feel like to walk to your car in the dark through a parking lot without checking around your car, under your car, and in the back seat? This movie gives you a glimpse of what the world can be when women show up in all their power.


Being in perimenopause feels out of control. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to break everything. My body feels weird. The whole world seems different. I feel like I've been lied to all my life about everything. I suddenly see things I didn't before. All of these feelings are displayed in this movie when she realizes she is not who she thought she was. And she has powers she doesn't know how to use yet.

We don't have super human powers...but we do have Hormone Therapy...and that feels pretty close.


Perimenopause has been dismissed and hushed up to this point. Studying the women who have had the courage to get loud, show up, take action and change the world for women everywhere is what we need to be doing. These women display what it takes to go against everything and everyone to make things right.


If you didn't read the book when you were in 5th grade, this might not mean as much to you as it did to me. I took my 9 year old and it opened conversations that I never had with my Mom. This movie is an invitation to celebrate womanhood and the massive transformations we go through in life.


A classic that you must watch during Perimenopause. Getting some hormones used to be commonplace. It used to be a known thing that you just needed some hormones during menopause. This movie will be a whole new film now that you are in your 40's.


Even if you've seen it 3 times. Or you're sick of hearing about it and hadn't planned on seeing it, watch it with this invitation.

It's not about men vs. women. This is about choosing to be human. Choosing to be ALIVE even if that comes with discomfort, tears, weather, gynecology appointments, flat feet, and spoiled milk. Being ALIVE & existing is AMAZING! We are all missing the beauty of LIVING while we try so hard to make everything "happy" all the time. What if we could find the wonder in tears? Find the beauty in the fact that everyday is not perfect?

Hope these movies light your soul. I hope while you watch you listen to that stirring deep inside yourself. She exists! She is ready to live awake and alive. It's going to be uncomfortable for a bit, sit back and enjoy watching the awakening of YOU.

♥Marcella Hill


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