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Recommended HRT Telehealth Providers

Updated: Apr 30

Finding a Hormone Therapy Provider can be very frustrating and confusing. The Wake Her Up Community of over 45,000 women has shared their recommendations and come together to compare notes about care and price. Our community has created collaborative relationships with providers to develop an exceptional level of care and a system of checks & balances, along with open communication to constantly improve the patient experience.


Access to multiple doctors

With a local provider you are limited to that doctor's education, protocols, and philosophies. Telehealth providers contract with several different doctors which gives you access to different personalities, approaches, and opinions. Our recommended Telehealth HRT Providers can offer an individualized treatment plan and experience.

Prescriptions shipped directly

Prescriptions can be filled through their compound pharmacies and shipped directly to you.

Wellness Coaches

Each of the HRT Telehealth providers we recommend give additional support and guidance with a personal wellness coach.

Faster communication

There is no waiting room with telehealth and with a larger staff and more efficient communication methods you can get questions and guidance much faster than a typical local clinic.

Wider range of services

Most of the recommended providers also offer weight loss support, peptide therapy, and sexual wellness treatments. Creating an overall wellness experience in one place.

Most up to date support

Our recommended HRT telehealth providers are working in multiple states with different doctors. They are the most up-to-date about the latest therapies, medications, and supplements that can help women find what they need.



Telehealth providers are out of pocket. With care being about $130+ a month. The regular medical system is not trained to help women in Perimenopause. Most doctors and insurance will not offer or cover the hormones our bodies need.


Testosterone is not FDA-approved for women. It has different regulations from country to country and state by state. This makes things complicated for telehealth providers when they can prescribe it in certain dosages in one state and then not another.


These 4 Hormone Therapy Telehealth Providers have been recommended by our community members. We recommend reviewing all of the providers and finding the right fit for you and your body. We work closely with each of these providers to give feedback and suggestions to constantly improve and create what women deserve.

Working with one of our recommended HRT telehealth providers along with the support of the Wake Her Up community creates the type of medical care women need.

Each of these providers offer a discount with code WAKEHERUP

No matter where you go, you deserve to feel good. You deserve to feel heard and seen. You deserve real solutions and real support. You deserve to feel Awake & Alive.

You are NOT CRAZY!

-Marcella Hill


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1 Comment

Olga Lustsik
Olga Lustsik
May 03

Does these providers offer services only for US or Canada patients? I am in Estonia (in Europe) and I really want to start testosterone treatment...

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