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Partial Hysterectomy from Brain Fog to Hormone Therapy

If you've had a partial hysterectomy and are experiencing brain fog, itchy legs and a number of other issues, feel yourself again with BRHT.

After I got my partial hysterectomy, I experienced brain fog, my legs were getting so itchy every night, I had no sex drive whatsoever, my bones started to ache just like my whole body ached and I was not connecting the dots that this was because of a hysterectomy.

I just thought oh no I'm getting old.

I thought it was all separate issues!

Until my sister got a hysterectomy and the same thing started happening to her.  So yeah, all of you are saying the same thing that you've got a partial hysterectomy and then it felt like you went into perimenopause.

I don't know why doctors aren't just telling us, "hey, if you get these symptoms over the next year it's your hormones."

It is insane!

You are not crazy and you are not alone!

I later found Bio Identical Hormone Therapy.  It saved my marriage and my entire life!  I want to have sex, my body does not ache, I now sleep all night, brain fog has lifted and I have level energy all day.

I shared my story on Tik Tok (Marcella Hill Tik Tok) and now millions of you women have said they had the same experience. - Find a clinic near you!

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