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How many women have suffered and paid $ to doctor after doctor to no relief of their itchiness?!

Why aren't we taught all the signs of this life change that dramatically alters our life? Itchiness is a major symptom of menopause. There is relief!

For all the women laying in bed right now scratching their legs until they bleed, enduring itchy ears, scratching their scalp, dealing with dry eyes, it's a hormone imbalance.

You are not crazy!

I thought I just had dry skin.  I thought I just needed to use the right lotion and drink more water, but no joke just a few months after I started hormone therapy, I realized my legs don't itch anymore.

Years of itching my legs every night, years!  And no one ever said itchiness is a sypmtom of hormone imbalance.

Hormonal imbalances could be the cause of a variety of undesirable symptoms, such as weariness, weight gain, itchy skin, and depressive symptoms. The endocrine system's glands generate hormones, which are then released into the bloodstream. Too much or too little of a hormone results in an imbalance.

Having itchy skin is a hassle. If you're like most people, you'll likely want for a quick fix to just make the agony go away. In addition to being uncomfortable, itchy skin frequently turns red and inflamed and, if scratched excessively, can even result in sores, scars, and infections.

Your ongoing itch could be brought on by hormonal abnormalities brought on by everyday issues. It's crucial to focus on what is happening in your body that is causing your irritation because inflammation is frequently the root of itching.

Your endocrine system controls the chemical compounds that make up your hormones. They regulate how the body develops, reproduces, and stays healthy. To keep us feeling our best, they need to be delicately balanced. Our bodies typically suffer when they are out of balance, whether it be emotionally, intellectually, or physically, such having itchy, inflamed skin.

Are you ready to find out if bio-identical hormone therapy may assist your system in finding true balance?  Find a clinic near you today!

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